Omid Memarian

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Halt Nuclear Activity and Get off the Isolation

US have set condition to join Iran’s nuclear talks. Iran’s governmental news agency reacted first to this offer. “US offer is propaganda”. Now, the big question is whether Iran accepts the Washington’s offer or not?

I think, what US has offered to Iran is nothing. I mean it is not something new. It is not even a face-saving step to stop Iran’s nuclear program. While they have mentioned enrichment of uranium is inevitable it will be suicide for the conservative government to stop the whole nuclear activities. Iranian said that they are ready to talk on number of centrifuges but not stop the whole process. Today Keyhan, the ultra conservative paper, mentioned that as US is at the vulnerable situation is suggesting the offer to talk. “US can not ask support of Iran in the Middle East and the other issues by using this top-down tone”, said Keyhan daily today.

But at the same time, Iran is in a very bad situation. If they do not accept, it is possible to loose China and Russia’s support. Americans pretend that the ball is at Iran’s field now, however nothing has change, compare to the past.

I think the best option for the Islamic Republic is to suspend nuclear activities for such a short time and try to build trust among the International community and then follow the nuclear plan under the IAEA watchdogs. It is better to get off the isolation than enrich 1 gram uranium a month with 164 centrifuge


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