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Monday, July 03, 2006


football-Video sent by omemarian

Soccer, soccer, soccer, my childhood’s obsession! I can not remember my childhood not including soccer. I remember how my brother and I could enjoy by playing with a ball for hours and hours. For many Iranian kids, soccer ball is a part of their identity.

When I grew up, I understood that how football is not just a game. It was more complicated than everybody could imagine. The First time I saw that the National football team carried out a huge frame of Atatollah Khamenei, I told myself what it means! It was an appealing road to use the popularity of players who basically had no idea of politics and could hold everybody’s picture….

World cup, more than ever has turned to a political events for the Islamic officials….When I heard that CNN put a poll on its website to asked people that Iran can go to World Cup or not, because of its nuclear activities, I was socked. I remember the last game of the Iran’s team when they beat Bahrain and flew to Germany. I was among the people and I enjoyed this victory like them. I can not forget the sense of joy which was poured everywhere. It was just last June in 2004.

I made this clip just to remind how Iranians like football. How they look at this game and how it makes them cheerful and passionate. Pictures you see at this clip are taken by me and the video of people too. I made it before the world cup. However they got feeble result I prefer to remember the cheerfulness of people.


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At 2:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Che(dude in Spanish) NICE WORK! You are such an artist...Kiarostami agar be khodesh najonbe, in dooste man Omid Memarian donya ro fath mikoneh! No, but aside from SHOOKHI, I really liked this film. It portrays a very HEMASI image of football for us Iranians!
eshtebah shod, I meant to say:
azadeh pourzand

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