Omid Memarian

Friday, October 13, 2006

Organic Food Organic Behavior

Berkeley, where I live, is an organic city. I remember that in my hometown, Tehran which is the Capital of Iran, one of the courtiers in the Middle East, which is located in Asia, I rarely ate not organic stuff. Mainly there are not many non-organic foods there. So, I don’t really understand, sometime, what to eat and what not to eat. Because here most of the available things are non-organic and for the organic food people should pay a few more bucks.

It is a little bit chic too. Many of the people who are obsessed with organic food are among the wealthy, educated and also comfortable people. For some is fashion though. However it is hard to explain why and how. I like it though. I enjoy seeing people who take of their health….

But it is not just organic food here. We can include much other organic stuff such as organic behaviors too. This is something I will write about it later. How to be an organic citizen? How to keep away the mainstream and what is the price for doing that? and many other questions which come up with this idea

By the way, after such a long time, I decided to write about my personal issues on this blog too. I get bored sometimes to follow all the political issues, at the time life is surrounded by many amazing things, and of course, many sand ones.


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