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Thursday, August 17, 2006

America, why humiliate Iran?

Here is mu article on "Open Democracy" online magazine. I feel very close to this story. There are many things to listen for the US officials and ,of course, Iranian authorities. here is the link. The leading paragraph is:

Imagine if eighty prominent American scholars were invited to Tehran for a conference. After months of securing visas, final clearances, and days of travelling, they arrived at the Tehran airport only to be detained, shackled, and deported back to the United States. Such news would inevitably make headlines in the US.

On 2 August 2006, more than 300 Iranian scholars, professionals and scientists travelled to the Hyatt Hotel in Santa Clara, California, for an international alumni
reunion of the prestigious Sharif University of Technology. This reunion is held every two years in a different country. Most of these Iranian nationals were flying in from their homes in Europe and north America. Eighty of them, however, were coming from Iran itself.


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As an engaged - and recently more and more enraged - citizen of a country, the United Kingdom, that seems intent upon rescinding some of the most basic and necessary freedoms vouchsafed by the term "liberal democracy", I read your piece in Open Democracy with horror. However, I was not surprised. It seems that the current "War on Terror" has enabled western governments to make manifest in their dealings with the population at large some of the most heinous prejudices of what was once thankfully a crackpot minority, and have justified some appalling abuses of the human rights of "aliens" in ways that should be unthinkable for the governments of nations with constitutional democracies. Surely they know how this is both self-defeating and dangerous.

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Ovais said....No offence intended. But what I don't understand is that why do you believe the US has an obligation in this regard. There is no shortcut to democracy and freedom. In your case Washington is thousands of miles away from Tehran. Your war is right at your home. The path that leads to democracy and freedom goes through the heart and minds of your countrymen. The world respect power, and your power is your people. Your humiliation is the humiliation of your people. So do the right thing, whatever the odds. Washington is the easy way, I understand, but is there an easy way to freedom? Iraq is a glaring example for those who believed that there was a shortcut to freedom and democracy and one which goes through Washington or London.

At 1:20 AM , Blogger Freudian Slip said...

Very thought provoking article. It really does put our "system" under scrutiny.


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