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Saturday, September 02, 2006

I am Summon to Appear Before Tehran General Court

"ILNA- Tehran’s General court #1059 will go into session on the 6th of Aban in order to investigate the accusations that were brought up against Omid Memarian in regards to the internet blog sites.(ISNA)

Memarian’s attorney, Mohammad Seifzadeh said to ILNA: “ based on the summons sent to the defendant, we will show up on the 6th of Aban for the hearings.”

Nastaran Sotudeh , Memarian’s other attorney, expressed her unawareness of accusations brought against her client and said: “ Memarian’s case was previously open in the Revolutionary Court ( Airport Region) an apparently the court had placed a bail on him. But now the court is going to make a decision about his case and that is why the court is going to meet.”

So, what should I do while I've started studing at the University?


At 9:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there are some translation issues. The court place a "bail" on you? bail is usualy something a person puts forth to garuntee his or her apearance in court and then the person can be set free. Do you mean the court set bail for you?

At 12:29 AM , Anonymous Lady Sun said...

"So, what should I do while I've started studing at the University?" Well, is this a rhetorical question?! Of course you should not do anything! Stick your ass where you are and enjoy Berkeley and its great journalism program. Don't even think about the stupid court. I'm so glad you are out of there.


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