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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bill Mahar

Bill Mahar - Video sent by omemarian
This is one of the Bill Maher’s show which I like so much….Christopher Hitchens, a famous American Journalist and Vali Nasr the Author of “The Shia Revival” are in this show. Vali Nasr has become very popular recently. he is among a few Iranians who had chance to vitis President Bush face to face. Another scholar who President Bush is Professor Abbas Milani, Iranian Studies at Stanford University who met president Bush a few month ago too. But have advised him that the idea of going to Iran by lunching a strike is a wrong idea.

I just recorded this show from my TV. It is not good but I think you can hear the voice. There are many things amazing about this show. I have linked this post to my Farsi blog too. I would like Iranians could see such a show. A republican, an academic, and a serious democrat and people make an amazing combination which had many things to say….

Did you watch? What’s your idea about Hitchens reaction to the audience? Is it very common? What did you feel though?


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