Omid Memarian

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Divine President !

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a phenomenon. Just last year, he claimed, during his speech in the General Assembly in September 2005, he was surrounded by a sort of holy light, in a way that nobody could blink. Just a few days ago, he said that he has connection to god. However he emphasized that some of his friends make fun of him. He asked them to believe him. All his speech is full of unbelievable things. One of the funny things is about the President Bush. He believes that both of them are connected. “I am connected to divine inspiration, but Bush is connected to Evil….or something similar to this point. I will put a link of his speech when I just find an English translation of that speech among his friends and fans.

I interviewed an Iranian academic a few days ago who visited him in New York last september. he mentioned that how Ahmadinejad's self confident during the last year has jupmed up dramaticly. He also said that the president is really naive about the International relations and stuff like that. However, he is very articulate on what he knows.


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