Omid Memarian

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Two Different Pictures and Guardian Report

Here is a Cilp produced by ABC about the two different pictures whithin Iran. It displays how the generation gap has been accured in Iran and has made the youth generation careless about the way that has been pushed by clerics.

And here is a Guardian Report on Iranian nuclear program which is prepared by intelligence service of some European Countries. I think it is a kind of doubtful. Just remember the reports about the Iraq capability before US attack two years ago. There were no mass destruction but at the same time hundreds of report were published everywhere and many of the papers insisted that their proofs are reliable. Actually Iran Insist on nuclear program because of many reasons but some stories are ridiculous, for me who is very familiar with the country and the officials, reading this article was a kind of boring. Normally Iranians are following improving the missile systems and nuclear power, but everybody knows technically there is a long time to any serious achievement.


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