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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Heal the Broken Democracy

“50 Ways to Love your Country.” That’s the title of a book I found at the Peace and Conflict Department yesterday and asked one of the faculty members to borrow me for a few days. First I just took a look and then I tried to memorize some important titles. I was really impressed by illustrating the importance of every citizen’s vote at all chapters. It tells the people how they can be heard and be involved in the society more. It has written for American citizen to heal the broken democracy as tendency to political participation seems to be diminished since last decade in United States. I think that’s a very interesting model of promoting literature for people by their own voice to show how it is important to be acquainted about their destiny. That’s what I was following at one the NGOs in Tehran since 1999 and I think the way toward democracy goes through empowering people in different level to feel social responsibility and endeavor to play a defined role in the political destiny. When people look at the ways they can do it, they believe and then take action. Perhaps that’s along process but there is no other way to keep alive democracy or democratic processes. Now, there are many NGOs and organizations in Iran that believe in this way and strongly follow it as their main platform.


At 9:56 AM , Anonymous Amir said...

What does it say about respecting fascistic "red-lines" and keeping one's head down and remaining within boundaries in one's own country and then travelling to another and telling them about how they are to blame for not doing anything to support democracy?

Movazeb baash khalifatun ukh nashe, jenaabe reformollah...

Please show this book to your chaperon first to be censored properly before reading any further, you complicit follower...


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