Omid Memarian

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Phase for Nuclear Crises

Here is a part of my report about the last Iran nuclear situation at Roozonline Daily:
  • In the past, there were those who had warned that Russia is not a reliable partner for Iran’s nuclear aspirations because it has larger strategic interests with Europe and the US which it would not jeopardize. They feared that by relying on Russia, Iran would lose its control over the talks.
    Since Russia has been trying to remain a neutral player on the issue and in all the phases of the talks, even when there was talk of refereeing Iran to the UN Security Council, has refrained from expressly taking sides on the issue, it is expected that Iranian officials will have a hard time in responding to the Russian proposal in the coming days. Should Iran reject the proposal of Russian which is internationally viewed as a supporter of Iran, and insist on enriching uranium in Iran, Russia may move even closer to the US and Europe in their drive to refer the case to the UN Security Council. Even a Russian abstention at the Council would provide the West what it has been after. In view of India’s dual and unreliable role, the only country that Iran currently relies on if the nuclear dossier is referred to the Security Council is China. China has been growingly tying its economy to its foreign policy and has been offered ever larger contracts.


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