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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sanctions and Plane Crash: who is responsible?

Is sanction against Iran one of the causes of the last plan crash in Tehran Tuesday? Some of the Iranians bloggers have mentioned that US is responsible for the plane crash in Tehran and some of the others believe that’s the Tehran officials who don’t care about the health of the people in different ways. Like always
BBC tries to have a mediator role, but to say, that’s the Americans are at fault, softly.

I think both are true. There is no doubt about that Iranian government does not care about the health of the citizen. Tehran has been for two days off because of the air pollution. Is it the American sanction effects? Many people die during the year time because of the air pollution. Iran has the most died number of the road accidents in the world as the statistics indicate. Are Americans involved in that?
So, mismanagement and bad governance which is all over the country affected the people widely.

At the same time, we can consider the role of the sanctions in our country. The Americans have established the sanctions to limit the Islamic government political and economical maneuver. But what is the result? They have just caused decreasing the safety of the aviator systems and ultimately affect the ordinary people. Recently the Islamic regime has bought a luxury plane for the officials. So they will never hurt by useless sanctions since they have billions of dollars oil money

My friends, we can blame the Americans because of the stupid kind of sanctions, but don’t forget to blame the government who don’t care about the health of the people. Just don’t forget that the number pf people who died at the Bam earthquake in 2003, more than 26000, were more than all the killings between Israel and Palestinians since 1967. What does it mean?


At 8:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regime change, to a federal one, throught a democratic perocess would definitely solves both problems, sanctions and crashs of this type !

At 11:36 PM , Anonymous Amir said...

The government of Iran is for better or worse representative of what Iranians want. Your "reform" lost because instead of unifying the real opposition you still go on to say "death to America" the "reformed" way. Now, whatever happens to Iran, in the first place is the fault of the people who's "back is bent" and the government that represents them. Blaming the US will neither solve your problems, nor will change the perspective of Americans on the people who tolerate "Death to America" to be written all over their cities. As for the Brits: You reformists and your conservative cousins are both the slaves of the Brits and the Russians. It has always been the case with the lot of you colonialized souls. So, if they play both sides... go figure.

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