Omid Memarian

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I received about 10 emails which were sent by some Iranians around Iran who use mailing lists as a new media to confront the censorship during the last days. Apparently it is impossible to talk about the president’s strange and odd allegations. But, Can you imagine what that was about? It was about the Iran’s President Plan to hold a conference about Holocaust. “What a shame”, “When the president don’t give a shit to the national interests” and some other messages were written by Iranians who mostly are young. As they are enthusiastic to get rid of marginalization by the international community the president just talks about matters which is totally far from the people’s interests. Just tell me how many of the president’s fans and followers gave their votes to him to deny the Holocaust or some other things like that? I am sure none of them. I am sure many of them –even now, do not what is holocaust or when it happened and what is it about in general.

Now after bombing in Khuzestan Provinces it is better for him just to focus on the internal crisis which are enhancing dramatically.


At 7:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come mullahs are provoking a war

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