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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Multimedia and New Age of Journalism

Multimedia- First Session, Jan 17, 2006 Tuesday -(This comment is something just to get the idea of Multimedia which I have gotten at the Multimedia class today.)

I have taken Multimedia class and attended at the first session today. During the last years we have heard a lot that the age of journalism has finished. But nowadays, it seems by using multimedia capabilities such as photo, voice, video further than the text, the news organizations can survive. Multimedia makes news and stories much more compelling and interesting. Audiences explore the affairs, some entertainment, and increase their choices. But still the core of the story is the strong narrative.Multimedia gives more option to the audiences.

Just go to some websites which are filled just by texts. Just go to the Whyfiles, science behind the news, or Telegraph or many other news website. It is hard for me to even take a look. During the last years, most print media use padcast and blog but that’s not all the web can doNews organizations seem to combine the online staff and print staff to enhance their capabilities. Then you have multimedia journalism.

Although the core still is the one reporter one story. One story one reporter we needs a multi media journalists. News organizations can survive by that. NY times, still has not had the journalist have their own story, as the result the graphic design and….

Just look at the successful samples and see how this medium is very powerful and how your choice of media really affects the story. It is not just change the journalist but change the whole part of the news organizations. In multimedia the form really reflects the story.

Here just look at some examples:
Official Site if the National Football League (They capture your mind)
The nature ConservancyNational Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Herald SunI
nteractive Narratives
NY Times- Iraq Coverage
University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources


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