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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Holocaust Denial in Chronicle

Here is a story published at San Francisco Chronicle a few days ago about the Holocaust denial of President Ahmadinejad. The author has tried to prove that the Holocaust denial has a long history in Iran. Just take a look and read it. In my opinion the author has mixed some facts and created a distorted story. Because linking the Reza shah policies before and during the Second World War with the Ahmadinejad’s allegations is not correct. It has different roots.

The roots of supporting German State during the world war are based on the power paradigm, while the Islamic regime rhetoric tune is based on an ideological and political paradigm about this matter now. Ahmadinejad absolutely is not following the Rezashah method of governing. Moreover, before the revolution the Shah’s regime was one of the Israel’s supporters in the region. There is no evidence that Iranians follow German’s policies against Jews and accepting the mufti of Jerusalem does not reflect that Iranians was pursued holocaust.

So, I think we can not answer an unexplainable allegation with an unexplainable comment. Denial the historical truth is not the way to prove something of avoid from something too. What the writer of San Francisco Chronicle is saying shows the angriness of some people the Iranian president, but it is not something indicative and analytic. It is really disappointing piece. There are many criticizing points in Ahmadinejad’s allegations, but what I read at Chronicle was just oversimplifying the matter.


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