Omid Memarian

Friday, January 06, 2006

I met some interesting people at an anti war meeting in SF who are going to campiegn on any kind of intervention and sanction against Iran. I met an Iraqi blogger there whom I talked for a while too. We talked about some issues like the situation of Khalilzad, the US Ambassador in Iraq. Here is his blog. Jarrar is anice guy and i hope to hang out and chat with him soon somewhere....Keep up the good work man...!


At 10:38 AM , Anonymous Martin Bebow said...

I went to your Iraqi bloggers website but his comment section was closed. Not very interesting. He said the war wasn't worth the cost; that democracy should have been a grassroots movement from within. Does anyone seriously believe that that was a possibility in Iraq. I believe Saddam was the gordian knot of the middle east. Saddam was the result of decades of mistaken US policy in the middle east and the rest of the world where we tried to avoid confrontation at any cost (including Vietnam which we could have won but we didn't have the political will to truly engage.) Or BIG mistake was to allow the Soviet Union to develop a nuclear capability. We opted for containment instead and created a polarized world which meant backing tyrants in the middle east. Bush finally changed this mistaken policy after 9/11 showed that it was really a short term policy that had exceeded it's limits.


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