Omid Memarian

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Islamic ceremony and youth

Today Shargh newspaper published a report about a part of youth’s behavior of during Ashoora ceremony last Tuesday. More that 5000 thousand of youth with fashionably-dressed young boy and girls with black shirts and candelas in thire hands walked silently between Mirdamad boulevard to Mohseni square. Are they religues people who believe to Islamic ceremony of this event? (Killing Imam Hussein and his family and friends) Sharg mentioned these young boys and girls talk about a new reading of Islamic beliefs. The writer of the article added that the fundamentalist who attached them, didn’t let the young generation to talk about their ways to deal with Islamic beliefs .About 6 pm reporter of BBC Persian called me to ask some question about this event in a call interview. “As journalists tell as what does it mean for Iranian society?” Below is a part of my answers:
“I appreciate the approach of Shargh newspaper. They tried to make an opportunity from this event. And talk about the value of regard the other reading and ideas about religion beliefs. They try to say that we can use these kind behaviors to attract the youth to Shiite beliefs. But look at the youth in similar event like the preparatory matches before last world cup. They came to the street and did the same that they have done a few days ago. What does it mean? It means that the Iranian youth has no sphere to gather. Many of them that are not religious have not any place to gather and socialize with the others. So whenever they find any opening or window try to show them. Therefore coming to the street have other functions. Or its other function is more powerful than other functions. At this time reaction of youth during the Shiite funeral is like their reaction to a festival. They do the same.
They send some messages for the clerics who tried to take them under their influence after revolution by all religious institutions. They are mad about the behavior of youth in the street during Ashoora ceremony because they look at pictures that never advertise for it. The underground culture that was created after revolution is coming to the surface. Clerics and their admirers are getting mad and attack to youth because they understand the under face messages and can not bear it.”…


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