Omid Memarian

Friday, February 27, 2004

Islamic Social reform begins!

When leader decreased the period of military service 24 to 20 months for youth in Iran by his governmental demand, nobody astonished. A few days before this demand commander of police announced that shops and restaurants can be open until 3 am. But it has not finished. A few days before 20feb parliamentary election in Iran municipality of Tehran informed that every youth boy or girl who is going to marry can use a 1000$ loan. The question now for ordinary people in the city is that what happened for the government and what these decisions means?
Remember that about two years ago the conservative police administration issued a bylaw to limit the duration of opening of the public places like parks, restaurants and libraries. Many of journalists and people objected about this demand. Because many Iranian people have more than one job and the time for going out for them with family could be after 11 p.m. It meant they had to leave streets because everywhere was closed. At that time I wrote a comment in HAYATENO paper and asked them why have you made this decision? And how? “Is it a result of any social research to decrease law breakers after midnight? Isn’t it better to increase the police control on the factors that make criminal actions? “I asked”. But as everyone knew it was a political decision, no one believed the answers of police to the questions. But the answers were not clear.
Beside, at this time that Tehran has many infrastructures difficulty to manage their affairs, and when many young couple divorce before ending the 3rd year of their marriage, what is the reason to pay loan to the youth couple by Mayer? is it a duty of municipality? As any body knows that there is more that 30 percent divorce for youth couple before ending their third year of marriage. And everybody knows that youth problem is not achieving 1000$ and marry. So isn’t it a propaganda? Leader, The police commander and Mayer could talk about these decision a few month ago of more. But why they tell their view about this kind of social affairs only a few days after election?
They showed a film about revolution a day before election that some women without HEJAB talked about their motivation for coming to Islamic demonstration. Consider that many of Iranian third generation have not seen any picture of women without HEJAB before. It means that even HEJAB is not the redline.
This kind of decision making can be continuing until presidency election. But how can they continue after that?
I believe that the conservatives have no problem with social reforms. Redlines is distributing and controlling the power. It makes no difference for them that what people do in the streets or what they put on in the streets anymore.
Last day one of my friends told me an irony joke. “The conservatives are ready to open brothels or bawdyhouse to show that they can solve the people’s problems.” he said.


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