Omid Memarian

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Perfidy to people’s votes?

I wrote a comment about the Mr. Roohani decision to close the newspapers. I said that I will write second part soon. Today president khatami said that he was not informed to ban the two newspapers last Wednesday. It means president clearly was not informed it during the decision making. But it is not enough. President khatami has responsibility to defend against any injustice. He really can not shrike too much like the other cases. But I don’t think he try nothing for the newspapers. When leader issued a command to close 18 papers in a day he was silent and did nothing. A few hours ago I was talking with a member of president khatami. “A few years ago the name of khatami was enough for people to pay attention to everything and to follow but in these days when people hear about khatami they don’t feel good. Some of them explicitly say khatami is treacherous. He perfidy to people’s hope. Now they are indifferent…”She said. “Perhaps it is very hard to attract the people to anything in short time at least”.
I like president khatmi yet. Although during his presidency many journalist sent to the jail, and some could never start their life again like it was before. Although many people lost their life for the reform that President promised to create. And Although I think the way to reform has to find a way to continue.


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