Omid Memarian

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Go out until 3 am. Here you are! Social freedom!

Today police department declared that people by considering Islamic rules people can spend time of leisure until 3 am. Two years ago police passed a bylaw and by that the restaurants and shops had to close after that time many citizens objected to this rule and said that it is our right to use the midnight opportunity for rest. As many people in Iran and specially in Tehran has more than one job to earn money for their life, their free time to go out with the family is after 11 p.m. I wrote a comment in Hayate no newspaper at that time about this limitation .I wrote that the economical issues never arouse anyone to close shops and stores which can be active and beneficial after midnight. Most of politician believed that it was a political action. “We can not control and keep safe the city after midnight”. Police said. But under the curtain and when you put some of the similar action, you saw it was a project to say “Even after coming president khatami, Social freedom is in our hand”. And it was. Because police, judiciary and military likeness forces like Basij and Sepah could change everything.
But now, a few days after victory of conservatives in parliament election they are trying to say we can give you freedom little by little and if you want social freedom you have to ask it from us. A few days ago banned because they published MPs letter to leader. At the same time they closed some websites. They were not pornographic website who attach to the Islamic values. These are political websites. We have proverb in Persian who said “they treat you to die and when only the fever comes to you, you probably fell satisfy.” But if the meaning of freedom is things like this so why did revolution happened? Shah had made this kind of freedom in all level.(continue)


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