Omid Memarian

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Concerns Increasing

Last week BBC Persian held a roundtable with some the Iranian activists in social and political sphere. One of the Iranian reformist journalist that took part in this roundtable said that the way for reformists to continue their way to democracy is to follow their aims in civil society and associations. This idea was mentioned by some of the other reformists before. But the direction of Mr. Rfasanjani s speech in last Friday pray in Tehran has many messages. First of all it means the conservatives found this idea seriously and will pay attention to this side more and more. They know that the most important weak point of reformist is their relation with people in grassroots. So it is natural to seek a remedy for continue their activities. Where is the best place to make connection with people with grassroots? Probably NGOs and CSOs in all. As conservatives closed and stopped any connection between reformists and people (like closing 18 papers in a day) they will limited the civil society sphere more in the coming months.
Beside limitation of atmosphere in civil society they will try to establish some artificial NGOs to use them in vital point. For example when they some organization to talk about human rights or even women, they send these kinds of NGOs ahead and say:” here you are! These are people and public opinion.”
I will read a comment on this issue more later. Now it is 3 am and I fell sleepy deeply.


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