Omid Memarian

Sunday, February 29, 2004

A seminar on Microcredit for poverty alleviation will hold next Saturday .I am involved in this seminar to publish a newsletter before and after it. At this time I am working on the context hard. I am alone. Like always. During the last three days I slept only 3 hours a day. Now I was looking on the websites. I wanted to read a few pieces of poem. So I started….My heart fell fresh and cool. A little Sohrab Sepehry a little Ahmadreza Ahmadi and a little Pablo Neruda

Nothing More

“I made my contract with the truth
To restore light to the earth

I wished to be like bread.
The struggle never found me wanting.
But here I am
With what I loved,
With the solitude I lost.
In the shadow of that stone, I do not rest.

The sea is working,
Working in my silence”
Pablo Neruda


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