Omid Memarian

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Here is part of my article in the newsletter of “Microcredit for Youth international seminar”

Creativity, Youth and Microcredit
Omid Memarian - Journalist and NGOs activist

Microcredit is a culture. It shows how we can solve the huge problems with small amount of money. It shows how our creativity is important and vital to find solutions. It shows us the ways that we can look at local capacities. The philosophy of microcredit project must be taught to stakeholders and target groups. Historically, Iranians offer complicated answers to easy question. In this seminar we can focus on the value of ideas and creativity in the microcredit project proposal. I think the main goal in microcredit project is to decrease the poverty. So first of all we must know and recognize the concept of poverty. What does poverty mean at the beginning of third century? […]
Participating of youth NGOs inject a great power to poverty reduction front. All the development players such as financial resources, governments and private sector can count on them as a valuable colleague. Joining the Youth NGOS and financial resources can be the first step in this way.


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