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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Forbidden Association!
Iran Writers Association not allowed holding their meeting. The organizer of this association that is focused on preventing censorship informed that during the last months they were under the pressure and intimidation of security forces. It was the order of information ministry (security service).an Iranian secular writer that is a victim of violence said that this beginning a new circle or pressure. “They are reviving the past deathful way.” He said. The Islamic government never let this group to exist in legal form. All their meeting holds in their houses. Some members of this association sent to the jail during the last years specially before coming president Khatami to the power and some of them were killed by the information forces in a unbelievable serial killing story

Leaving out writing!

Masoud Behnood one of the famous writers wrote a comment in his website and mentioned that he won’t write about politic anymore. He talked about a CIA commander about the final of democratization in Iran and also the jubilation of Keyhan conservative’s paper (Hardliner paper). “They are planning to do the same that they have done before the reform period with people. Perhaps they think the hat of democratization is loose for Iranian society. Both fundamentalists and foreign countries” he said.
I think leaving out writing has many meaning. He mentioned that they have called him in a daily comment by some strange accusations. This is the beginning. They start with accusation. Behnood left Iran about two years ago.
A few days ago, I was talking with one of my journalist friends about the future of writers and journalists. “It is time to migration for education. This closed period will pass. But for the next period Iran need educated men who know the world well. Write and think and act in international level.” he said. Some of my friends are working on some education courses all over the world. They try to find some ways to be away from the fire. Some of them will choose not to say and write about the broad redlines anymore. They really want to live safe. As me and the other journalists!

Today I read two comments about an organized cheating to increase the number of voters during the last election in Iran. That’s a long story but I try to translate a part of it in English. It is perplexing. It talks about a meeting between high-ranking officials in Election Day to find a way for increasing the votes. Many of their followers went along them.

Today the weather in Tehran was fantastic. Really! A little windy and clear. With no pollution. Well, imagine that!


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