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Saturday, October 21, 2006

A political Prisoner Released Today!

Just a few days ago I wrote an article about passing the fifth months since the “temporary” detention of former reformist Member of the Parliament, Ali Akbar Mousavi Khoeini. He was arrested on June 12 while he participates in a women’s gathering in Tehran. Today, he released after 130 days. Here is my piece about him in Roozonline daily:

"Oct 19-Five months have passed since the “temporary” detention of former reformist Majlis deputy (MP), Mousavi Khoeini. He was arrested on June 12 while participating at a peaceful gathering to protest discriminatory laws against women. Mr. Khoeini was
in fact one of the sixty people arrested when the gathering took a violent turn after security forces stormed the area. Mousavi Khoeini, who is now spending time in the infamous 209 ward of the Evin prison, had visited this very prison many times as a member of parliament and the National Security Council. The irony of life around us is
that his efforts to bring secret detention centers under the open legal jurisdiction and protect prisoners’ rights have now sent him to jail. Above all, he has now personally experienced what it means to spend time in solitary confinement..."(Continue)


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