Omid Memarian

Friday, October 20, 2006

Is Iran Behind the Escalating Crisis in Iraq?

The situation in Iraq dramatically gets worse. It is a real civil war. People kill their neighbors and officials loose their power. Last night, I attended a panel on Covering Iraq by Washington Post daily. They pointed out how the journalistic task is difficult and how it is so hard to get the story out there. Two of them have written books on Iraq. It would be more difficult these days because of the strong presence militia in some or the Iraqi cities.

Increasing the number the US soldiers who have been killed during the last month and also hundreds of Iraqi people is so sad. The situation is out of the control. During the last days I read some pieces, which indicate that the Iranian government is in partially in charge of this crisis, but I think most of the arguments they make are not true and base on the reality of the crisis. Mainly because they exaggerate about the power of Iranian in Iraq. Iranians are influential among Shiites in some regions, but is happening in Iraq, is a respond to the political system change and also coming up the social and political gaps which were covered under the tyranny of Saddam Hussein.
However, at the time Iran hugely is under the pressure of the United States and there are many speculations that the US is going to attack Iran, conservative officials in Iran look at the scene very carefully. While the security if Iraq means a sort of security for Iranian too, the US difficulties to get rid of this crisis, postpone the US threat against Iran.

Then, as the hardliner say in Iran, it would be impossible for the Americans to lunch an air strike agaisnt Iran. Iran’s government officials also believe that the crisis is escalated by Sunnis who are not happy about the distribution of the power in Iraq after the US invasion and establishing a one-man vote system….

The problems between two major sects in Iraq, Shiites and Sunnis, is deeper than what we think, or some of the “armchair analysts” believe.


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