Omid Memarian

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Need for change; Hamas in Power as a Reality

Now, Hams has captured the political power. This is the time for the western countries to
change their wording with leading group in Palestine. It is very soon talking about disarming of Hamas. Actually there is no reason for disarming. It’s a mutual process. Israel’s patience and respect would be a step a head but calling the popular group in Palestine just duplicates difficulties of peace process. Hamas really has the legitimacy for entering into peace process. The hasty reaction of President Bush about victory of Hamas is ignorance of reality in Palestine. It doesn’t lead the region to peace at all. Hamas would be a good chance for peace. Disarming is not very important at this time. It just stops the negotiations. The peace process circumstances can lead Palestine and Israel to serious steps towards stability. Some analysts mention that Hamas is under the influence of Iran. That’s true. But, they are not going to loose their chance by doing blind actions against their national interests.

I read something at Juan Cole's blog, Professor of History at the University of Michigan, which is interesting too:
In order to try to rescue the very sensitive Palestinian component of overall U.S. Middle East policy that it managed to steer into dire straits, the Bush administration will very likely consider three possibilities. One would be a major shift in the policies of Hamas, bought by and mediated by the Saudis; this is, however, unlikely for the reason stated above and would be long and uncertain. Another would be fomenting tension and political opposition to Hamas in order to provoke new elections in the near future, taking advantage of the vast presidential powers that Arafat had granted himself and that Mahmud Abbas inherited, or just by having the latter resign, thus forcing a presidential election.


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