Omid Memarian

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Unclear Energy is our obvious Rights?

This is one of the pages of Financial Times today. Imagine that, people who support the Iranian conservative government on nuclear ambitions and protest around the nuclear plants just to pretend there is no cleavage between government and people. But does is reflect the truth inside?
I am not sure. Ahmadinejad, new Iranian president is not supported by social middle class, intellectuals, journalists, academic, students and private sector. Most of his followers are seeking just better economic life. But the way that president has chosen has marginalized Iran more than the past, declined the economical opportunities and also has diminished the reputation of Iranians. Do these attitudes bring a better life?

Apparently, many of people who support the government on following the nuclear programs in organized protests are mobilized by governmental institutions which use a strong network of people around the country and mostly are connected to the social base of the Islamic regime. They just repeat what they have asked to say. So you can see what they publish as people’s declaration on supporting the nuclear programs are just official's outlooks. that's why you can see at the left side of the above photo, it says" Unclear Energy is our obvious Rights". I think that's a nice idea. I am not sure the photo is artificial or real, but at least it shows a part of reality for the western readers. That’s the way it is in Iran. Do not pay attention to the mass protests. It doesn't mean anything…


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