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Friday, January 27, 2006

Gunmen in Power; Can Hamas Respond the People’s Confidence?

Victory of Hamas in Palestine election, has shocked the international community, however it doesn’t seem strange at all. But how gunmen grabbed people’s votes to gain the political power? Why people selected one of the radical Islamism group after years of conflict? Just look at the Arab countries and the widespread bad governance between Arab leaders, which has made people upset about their future. That’s why they keep themselves away from groups which have not a proved commitment to the people’s requests. Hamas and Fath, in general, except just a few moments in their history, have proved their commitment, However as militia.
But now it’s time to change their cloths and respect politic as a major tool to cope with Palestinian crisis. They have announced they are not going to put their guns down and disarm. It will make the Palestine’s future ambiguous. But if they do, and the process toward stability in the region enhance, Appearance of militia as a political force appear as a wonderful transition for the experienced men in these groups. People in Palestine, are tired of conflict. Hamas in power, potentially, is mixed with
fear and hope. But direct involvement n the political power let them to be realistic about the future and at the same time practical. Idealism for politician is walking on the death road. If they have decided to appear as a political power, they must use its language too. Has the age of militia in Palestine ended? Or Palestine is going through complicated processes which start with gunmen governors?
It seems I am an optimist about coming Hamas to the power. It is true. But we need optimism.

I like the cover page of the latest Economist weekly.

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At 10:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Hamas can deliver honest government, decent schools and effective administration overall, they will have power for a long time, and without guns. Hezbollah in Lebanon seems to play this role in the Bekka Valley.

PS: The new white background makes the site more open. Good Choice.

At 11:43 PM , Anonymous Farnaz said...

Omid jan!

I beleive Israel itself was encourage Hamas in Arafat's era, Cause they believe that it could be an effective barrier against Palestain Movement & especially Arafat. But our persian proverb" khod kardeh ra tadbir nist" now happened in Palestian/israel issue. You know, in general I think that western policies about middle east in latest decades had undeniable effects on increasing fundementalism in the region. By the way, I'm sure you read Hantigton's theory of "civilization's war", recent results of elections in Iraq,Canada, Iran, Germany & Palestian can be a proof for his theory.

At 11:45 PM , Anonymous Farnaz said...

Oh, I forgot to say Happy New Template!:)


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