Omid Memarian

Friday, February 13, 2004

What a huge supporter...

Islamic regime Officials informed that Iranians attended in a gathering to mark the 25th anniversary of Iran's Islamic Revolution Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2004 and described it incredible. They love to show the numbers of people that come to the street. This is one the populistic specialty of conservatives that maneuver against the civil society and political parties with this number. They say the number of Islamic regime supporter; increase every year, But It is enough to walk only for an hour in the street or talk to the people. Specially, in these days the clerics deleted a large number of reformists in the competition for parliament. They gave no chance to some of the lawmakers that most of them are involved in revolution from beginning to now. Men and women that are called revolution’s Childs. They can not bear even a part of their body. You can imagine what the situation of other people is. You can find many people here that have no chance to participate in their society or even in economy issues. So when the Islamic cleric talk about people and citizens that point to a 10percent of people. Now monopoly of advertising with TV and Radio let them to say everything and give any number. But no one has forgotten the destiny of Saddam Hussein. He was the winner of and election with more than 99 percent. At that time many people in Iran believed that Saddam is popular in Iraq, but he was not….


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