Omid Memarian

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

American Dream!

This photo is published by AP in internet.Idont know what is its relation to the iranian society events....
Photo Describtion"Dr. Henry Kissinger, then-U.S. presidential national security adviser, seated, wearing eyeglasses, is flanked by Prime Minister of Iran Abbas Howeida, seated left, and U.S. foreign affairs assistant Joseph Sisco, seated right, as they watch a belly dancer in a hotel in Tehran, Iran, in this May 12, 1972, file photo. In Tehran in the early 1970's, miniskirts were the rage among women and sexy cinema posters were ubiquitous, although many considered them offensive. Now, women in Tehran must cover themselves from head to foot in public to abide by an Islamic dress code. (AP Photo/File)"


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