Omid Memarian

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

"Support for the reformers"

One of my friends Charlie,Sent me a comment and announced that perhabs the real cause for thePrince Charles’s trip to Iran is to support the reformer. and after that gave me a link to look at an other view. Thanks Charlie: " Omid:
You are absolutely correct that there are political implications to Prince
Charles' visit to Iran, but I think they are closer to the views of the BBC's
Paul Reynolds
in his piece yesterday.
He sees the visit as acknowledging Iran's importance in the world and, as a
European, to counterbalance our Bush administration's view that it is a part of
the "Axis of Evil." Also, his calling on Khatami provides (an admittedly mild)
support for the reformers. It will be interesting to see who else in the Iranian
government Charles has contact with, and how publically these contacts are


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