Omid Memarian

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Islamic Caliphate instead of Islamic Republic

The command of leader about holding the election with all of ommited or deleted candidates, finished an Islamic Republic of Iran and Began the Islamic Caliphate of Iran. Of course from beginning of Islamic revolution the clerics could do everything even it was against the people request. But when leader two days ago issued an order about stopping the confirmation of the candidates and attacked to reformists and called them as "thick-necked" men, and changed the balance of power to conservatives and guardian council side, Republicanism died completely. Today, four reformists that 2 of them are journalists, recalled to court. One of them is a women activist. I think this is the beginning. Beside, I was talking with one of the khatamis family about destiny of voting and reaction of President Khatami. She told me Mr. Khatamis reaction about the leader command is inconceivable abnormal. I understood that president’s family is in shock by his decision about holding the election. But I think President khatami know that the Islamic regime has the potential for repression like the events in 1981-1982. They had a experience of revolution. So he know the next step for reformists was to talk about the....... but if they did, the conservatives that judiciary, sepah and Basij(two conservatives military forces) and so on, are ready to attack. I really feel it. The atmosphere here is very massive and weighty. So at this time analyzing the situation is very hard. But when i look at the destiny of Akbar ganji,Abbas Abdi,Hossein ghazian,Hashem Aghajary and many many people that in these years sent to the jail and some of them like these names even now are in the prison, then I can not tell you about my feeling...
Let’s talk more about it later


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