Omid Memarian

Friday, February 06, 2004

President Khatami has to choose

MP from Sanandaj (Iran province) said if President Khatami holds the election, it will be disloyalty and treachery for humanity in the history that is done by the name of Islam. i think this a hard reaction against the leader speech that mentioned that it is obligatory to hold the voting and threatened the reformists and said resignation is a part of enemies program. Now I think the final card is Mr. Katami .If they ask people to do something seriously and come toward citizens, he can change the play. It is correct that many people are not satisfied by Khatamis reaction to political events but even now, they have confident and certain with him. Khatami is silent. But I think he has to choose one way: Be confident for people of going to the Fundamentalists camp…Presidents choice is vital for reformist in next days

The picture shows a woman who is excited during Presidents speech in university.


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