Omid Memarian

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

What a legitimacy…The governments of angels

What a bad moments. I was hearing to the speech of the supreme leader about the election and the role of enemies for postponing it. He said some sentences that I was astonished. It is really too hard too anticipate what will happen next. Today the reformist were not satisfied about the meeting between Ayatollah Khameneyee and President khatami and Mr.Karrobi that was held last night. Supreme leader charged reformists that are under the influence of foreign forces as he always uses the word “Enemy” for it. Enemy? Who can believe that the belief of free election is the enemy’s request? Who believe that many confusions and disorganizations in our country are caused by enemies? The governments of angels. All things that are wrong caused by “enemy” ….Who believe to this …..What does it mean participating in a election that many people can not attend and many of them never confirmed. Because they are not in the family….Today I was talking with one of the officials who involves in poll process at 20 of Feb. She told me the number of participants in Tehran will be less that 20 percent….What legitimacy…The governments of angels….Woh!


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