Omid Memarian

Monday, February 02, 2004

What is the next step?

What is the next step? This is the main and vital question among the reformist parties in Iran. What will they do after resignation and what will the conservatives do with them?
Today Participation front Party informed that they will not attend in the election and referendum is final destination for the political players. They asked for postponing the election but guardian council say that it is against the rule and law.
At the present time it seems that time is against the reformist to make people sensitive about the election and of course following the reform movement.
In public where people are not politicized by continually dispute between political players, resignation of the reformist has made them sensitive about the result. Perhaps the conservatives say that this is the same that we talk about it. But the reality is that people have the full of meaning objection that is shown by obstinacy against the Islamic regime. Conservatives believe if they capture the power they can give more social freedom to the citizens and even open a little more the borders to the world. But as the Islamic regime is, they will probably limit the political sphere and even press the social and political activists. However, I believe, the conservatives try to stop the radical part of Islamic fundamentalists. In all, the serious battle between two side of reformist and fundamentalists-conservatives in going to the last round. Who will win the play? Will reformist be radical? Is there any chance to formation of a strong opposition in the Islamic regime, is the next questions that will find its response soon.

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