Omid Memarian

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Zarif and Americans MPS meeting

"Iran's foreign minister insisted there were no plans here to receive a delegation of US officials, just days after a US senator announced a group of congressional aides were to make a historic visit this month.” Said Dr.Kharazi, Iranian foreign minister. But In Tehran analysts believe that the meeting was matched with high ranking officials in Tehran. USATODAY mentioned that “Iran is considering admitting a U.S. congressional delegation in what would be the first official U.S. visit since Iran's 1979 revolution”.Zarif An Iranian Diplomat that admire by many of officials and is a man that believed that is able to negotiate with Americans in a appropriate level.

"It is not planned," Kamal Kharazi told reporters Sunday, and his comments were later echoed by foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi.follow the news: "Parliamentary delegations are not coming to Iran. It is not planned and it is not in our agenda," Asefi said in his weekly press conference. On Friday a US senator announced that a group of congressional aides were to go to Iran in February on the first official US visit there since the 1979 Islamic revolution. Senator Arlen Specter, a Pennsylvania Republican, said the visit could set the stage for a later mission by US lawmakers. The United States severed relations with the Islamic government in Iran in 1980 following a crisis over hostages seized from the US embassy in Tehran. …”

Perhabs in the early days because of Iranian political crisic, we hear new news from efforts to improve tha relation between US and Iran. ...


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