Omid Memarian

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Why Prince Charles came to Iran?

Why Prince Charles came to Iran? What is the result of this historic trip for political forces? Untimely trip has many meaning for analysts. Who can believe that the consultants of king haven’t told him about the situation of Iran in political affairs? Who can believe that a few days after a most non democratic order in the world, prince of England come to country only by humanitarian purposes?
Is it really historical distrust to English political or it means that across the tendency of Mullahs to dictatorship and monarchy and Islamic Sultanism, or is a strategic decision for the Britains to outstrip the chances in Iran against US officials? Is there any promise for the conservatives? Can we tell that this is symbolic message? As we know prince is the head of Oxford Islamic studies center? IS this a good beginning for conservatives? Is this a same wrong step for Britain like the same Americans done it near the revolution? Who knows…?


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