Omid Memarian

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Charles effort for humanitarian aids

Dear Charile,
Let me tell you something. Many journalist and politicians are in the jail because the Islamic regime can not bear them. Many of students are hurt and injured by conservatives and a few days ago leader issued a command that most of the reformist deleted from the election. The action that in the beginning of third millennium, no one can believe it. But at that time prince Charles that is the symbol for colonization in Iran, entered. Exactly when people are going to boycott the election. Prince probably takes counsel with the foreign minister experts and knows that who has the benefits? In one view it means that Britain accept the legitimacy of the governing body in the recent days. In a view, of course. This is a view that is follow by many people. Anyway, last day one of my friend was describing the memorial about the Americans and Britain: "A few weeks ago in a meeting an American journalist asked British journalist that why don’t you have problem with shiee in Iraq but we have many problem with them and they kill our soldiers and...... The British journalist says because we do our job for 100 years but you have started new..." this is a symbolic answer that means British politicians know how to do everything . I am optimist. I appreciate price Charles effort for humanitarian aids and hope the note you mentioned be the exact point.


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