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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Valentine Day and Iranian youth

Last day was valentine Day. Many streets of Tehran, shops, stors and shopping centers were full of people who were coming to the street to buy something for anyone who loved him or her. Perhaps it is incredible for the Islamic clerics that 25 years ago establish an Islamic republic to export their ideals to the world. At this time they are importing values that never advertised for it.

After the revolution the clerics forced people to use HEJAB as an Islamic symbol for decreasing connection between men and women and so to control the sexual energy of the nation. Any relation between men and women was interdicted and forbidden by hardliners in the street and every where that their agents and solider could see it. 25 years after revolution the exe head of National youth organization say that more than 50 percent of Iranian youth have girlfriend of boy friend and are proud with it. So when we compare the number of people in the anniversary of revolution and people that were involved in valentine day, it is hard to say which one was welcomed more?
When someone comes to a street of Tehran especially where youth gather, ask the same question that was mentioned by Mr. Karrobi, Head of parliament a few month ago during a battle between reformists and conservatives. He said, “Lets tell people why did we start the revolution?” youth asks these days really “why?” all that were thrown out and vomited, know is eaten again. There is no secret, there is nothing to hide, and here you are: Islamic Revolution!
Photo describtion:
Iranian women look for Valentine's Day gifts in Tehran, February 14, 2004. Iranian youths are becoming increasingly attracted to Valentines Day celebrations, to the dismay of Iran's conservative leadership. REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl


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