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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Stable Iraq Will Move Opposition Ayatollahs to Najaf

Here is my interview with Dr Houchang Chahabi in IPS. He is an International Relation professor atBoston University. He believes that stability in Iraq will provide an appropriate field for some of the ranking opposition Ayatollahs in Iran to choose Najaf city in Iraq to criticize the Islamic Republc of Iran. Similiar to Ayatollah Khomeini prior the Revolution:

"A stable state emerges in Iraq, some Iranian clerics who feel uncomfortable about the Iranian state's interference with religious life in Iran might be tempted to go and live in Najaf, a city in Iraq which has for centuries been the centre of Shiite learning. Najaf could also attract more clerics and students from outside Iran and Iraq, diminishing the clout of Iran's regime among Shiites elsewhere."


At 5:25 PM , Blogger ┬┐Ask Y? said...

Mr. Memarian,

I thank you for your comments from the Boston professor. The issue, however, is one of fantasy because Iraq is currently not stable. And even if one were argue it was stable in terms of violence and expression of bloodshed, there continues to be a uprising of "political and thus religious instability."

That is, from the point of view of a freedom-lover and theocracy hater, Iraq is becoming what it's neighbor Iran was after it's recent revolution. Meaning, the insurgents and rising of radical islam faith being interwined with political systems of operation to create the most rabid Islamicy in the Middle East.

Even then, do we really need another Iranian Khomeini in exile to re-emerge, enter Iran after a coup, and tell us god is in the moon?


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