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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Forget the Family Planning Program!
Ahmadinejad likes more Babies!

Two babies are not enough”, this is what President Ahmadinejad said a few days ago in response to the effectiveness of the family planning programs which have been followed just a few years after the 1979 revolution. What is the aim? It seems doubling-up the population is just to increase the power of Iranian Muslims.

See this cartoon! (By Niki)

What a president we Iranians have. He is remarkable just to put himself on the front page of the magazines and newspapers. He can tell the things that nobody goes after. He can make different points about variety of issues that for the Iranian people is not an issue and they even don’t think about it. Such a President!

Just a few days ago, he claimed that he is connected to God. Last year he said about his spiritual speech at the UN. In his meeting with a ranking cleric in Iran, he explained an observer told him that was surrounded by a circle of light. he also emphasized that he felt that light. And the story goes on…..

At the time he advises to double the population,
unemployment rate has gone up over 25%, in some deprived provinces like Kurdistan even more. Government should make more than 1 million jobs a year. But they can not produce even a half of that number. Ahmadinejad, who celebrated his arrival to the office with the highest oil price, can not deliver his basis promises to bring the money of oil to people’s table. Money injection to some parts of the society has increased inflation dramatically. In response, more than whatever billion dollars of oil money which has come to the country, billions of money fled because of the insecurity of investment which has been increased a lot during the last year.

Iranians can prepare a long list of economic and social barriers which harm their life. Now, what is behind his latest allegations? What have been behind his
other allegations?

Iran has stopped its national family planning program once just after the revolution. But a few years after, when Iranians responded positively this policy, they restarted again. Because it was obvious and terrible mistake; just in 25 years the population has become doubled and many crisis have appeared in the society.

Now, Ahmadinejad put his feet on the same way. He says all the revolutionary slogans which are now old-fashioned, things that have been proved that have no function. In compare with some of the
Islamic Republic founders, Ahmadinejad looks like greatly incapable. The period of ignorance is not possible to take long, like his non-natural smile.

Cartoon By Niki (Nik Ahang Kosar, Iranian Prominent Cartoonist, Publishehd in Roozonline daily.


At 4:51 AM , Blogger Mitra said...

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At 4:55 AM , Blogger Mitra said...

Hello dear Omid!
Listening to Ahmadinejad saying this and thinking of all poor iranian children makes me feel sad. All of those times I visit Iran and feel so helpless not being able to help all those in need...and now this! Just makes me feel sad...!
I am new here, but liked your site, good luck Omid!


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