Omid Memarian

Sunday, October 29, 2006

He's no bomber, just the cofounder of!

look at this report about an Iranian physist in

BERKELEY – Afrooz Family likes to blow things up. But he's no bomber, just the cofounder of, an educational website that features lots of pyrotechnic experiments well documented with photos and videos.

...Afrooz was born and raised in Atlanta, to parents from Iran. His surname is not a traditional Persian one. "I don't think 'Family' is a normal name in any culture," he says cheerfully, before admitting that the reaction to his unusual name can get a little wearing.
His father, a physics professor at Emory University, gave Afrooz his first computer — a Macintosh — when he was 4. "He set it up in my bedroom and showed me how to turn it on," recalls Afrooz. "That was it."


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