Omid Memarian

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

SMS Objection Movement

During the recent days after starting time for advertising for MPs or lawmakers, people in Iran receive many SMS messages which ask them not to attend in election .the message was:” Votes box is a coffin for freedom. Don’t attend in the funeral of freedom”. Last day I was attending in a meeting with some of my friends and colleagues. During this short meeting we received afew SMS messages that mentioned not to attend in election. First of we though a friend of us is playing with others. But no one was sending the message. All last day I received many SMS not to attending in ordered election. It was very interesting for some of the journalists that have come to Iran for covering the news of election. People that send the messages for their friends or unknown numbers suggest them to send the message to others. Some people say that this method of objection is the same like Philippine when Estrada was in power. They believe a part of power that acted against the former president of Philippine was this kind of resistance and
Objection. It seems after weblogs that had many affect on publishing the ideas and expressing Iranian people view, SMS messages are getting another instrument to distribute the opinion. 25 years ago Islamic regime came to the power by using the effects of leaf sheets and radio. But today in the information society and use network there are other instruments that clerics never can....


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