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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sad News, Cartoon gate and Nuclear Dreams

“How Iran is dangerous?” front page of Newsweek weekly, covers one of the most crucial issues in the world today. That’s a question we hear all the time these days. I have reviewed the Iranian blogs during the last week, and surprisingly they have posted many comments on their concerns about the upcoming meeting in UN Security Council which would bring sanction for Iran and tentatively a sort of military attack. Who knows? When the Islamic government mobilizes people to show its intention as a people’s demand, many Iranians believe sanction is just the beginning of the road which ends with military attack. They remind the Iraq case and the similarities; sanction, isolation, a stupid excuse and then attack.

Since the new president went to the office, it’s very hard to criticize some certain issues in media and public. Although the number of uncovered stories in Iran strongly have increased, in particular, talking about nuclear issues and recently Danish cartoon is about to impossible. As I have written before, the Iranian national Security Council has announced media not to pretend the IAEA’s 27-3 vote as a failure of the Islamic regime. Journalists can not write how the Islamic regime’s wrong policies on nuclear issues have faced the country with a huge crisis with threatened critically the whole country. I think forcing the media not to talk about their policies has hurt them first. Its very hard for my colleagues there to be a journalist, it is really hard.

On behalf of “Cartoon Gate”, I am sure there are not many people who support the idea of insulting the “other’s values”. But what is happening in Iran, such as attack to embassies, has made many people sad. As it’s very hard to criticize the movement, which support the Basij (revolutionary militia), just 1000 government mobilized people, represent a fundamentalism approach which really does not reflect the realities inside the country. How people can freely attack to the European embassies without any governmental support? It is impossible…
What Khatami achieved in more than 8 years, Ahmadinejad lost in less than 6 months and it is not far the what Iran kept for centuries, he loose in a couple of years.
But they can inflame the religious emotions for political reasons, as they have done before. That’s why; independent media in Iran could have big impact while there are very few now, and mostly outside and perhaps filtered....


At 5:10 AM , Blogger trillerpiller said...

My impression is that Iran never has been a country with the habit of attacking other countries, they have not done it for a few centuries anyway. I do not really belive that even if Iran had nuclear weapons they would attack Israel. Why? Israel do anyway have more of that, and probably better defense system . What do you think?
And also the rethorics, I have heard that "wiping Israel away from the face of the earth" before. Is this just rather crude rethorics or is it ment to be taken seriously?

At 10:04 PM , Blogger Chas said...

Hello from Texas, USA. You have a very interesting blog, I must say! The big news here is the cartoon wars and the President of Iran, as well as the war in Iraq.

We are told Islam is a religion of peace but we see much violence throughout the muslim world because of "cartoons." We are confused!

Islam must understand that freedom of speech, while not absolute, must be given to those with whom we disagree.

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