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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Iran's nuclear case is escalating by sending the file to Security Council by IAEA members, last Friday. Iran has announced that they stop all voluntary activities with the agency. I think the next step would be sanctions. If Iran does not accept the Russia’s proposal, it is inevitable. However Iranians say the Russians proposal is dead now. “Security Council is not end of the world,” says foreign ministry spokesman. But Iran is not in a position to bluff more about the effect of retaliations or overplay about its role in Middle East. Now, time play a vital role for Iran. International Herald Tribune says, “On Iran, West sees race against time.”
Niki my friend has put this cartoon on his
blog about the Iranian president’s confrontation treatment with US about nuclear issues. It is sad but it is true. This is what is reflected by people inside, however the government has forbidden people and press to talk about the nuclear polices recently.


At 8:17 AM , Blogger S said...

oye.. The vote on Iran's nuclear future was unfair. It was unfair for the US of A to excercise its power on countries hellbent to lick its boots. Iran was isolated via pranoia.

I'd like you to check out this.. an allegory of what i felt about the whole situation.

At 11:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a american I would love to know what the people inside Iran feel about the threats your president has made against the US and Israel.

Why must he play such a deadly game with the people of Iran's lives?

international sanctions will be very bad for iran.

the american people do not hate Iran. do Iranians hate Americans ?

according to our media and politicians, most people do not want Iran to have nuclear weapons because of the way your government behaves and because of the things your president says.

can you really blame us?


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