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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Again Abu Ghoraib

These are so sad photos on Rueter webite about Abu Ghoraib in Iraq.

Here is another link on Abu Ghoraib Prison’s picture. That's a sort of report that describes why these pictures have been distributed.... It is really so sad. It is not something new, but is absolutely painful. It seems United States is the country of extremist. In one hand, some people like what you see in this clip, do such a shameful treatment and on the other hand the constitution support publishing these pictures. Then people have choice to judge. I think this week has been the worst week for Dick Cheney.

No Bravery Clip
James Blunt - No Bravery Lyrics

There are children standing here,
Arms outstretched into the sky,
Tears drying on their face.
He has been here.
Brothers lie in shallow graves.
Fathers lost without a trace.
A nation blind to their disgrace,
Since he's been here.

And I see no bravery,
No bravery in your eyes anymore.
Only sadness.


At 7:37 AM , Blogger Gelareh said...

thought this story might interest you:
I've got the complete farsi version too if u wish to have a look


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