Omid Memarian

Friday, February 20, 2004

Shirin Ebadi in Italy

A few days ago I had an interview with Shirin Ebadi the winner of nobel peace prize. It was interesting. She was in a big hurry because she was going to Italy. Before me and my colleague a French journalist from Lo monde was there. Ebadi talked shortly. Now she is in Italy.... She talks about the conformity of Islam and human right. But after a non democratic parliament election in Iran I dont know how she can talk about it more. When she talks about Islam and democracy clerics become satisfied but she don’t pay attention to hejab and for example shaking with men. Points that are important part of Islam for the Iranian slerics and if you separate Hejab and things like that it is hard to distinguish the Islamic government. Ebadi has a good potential for go ahead. Clerics dont know what they can do with her?....I hope she can follow the file of Zahra Kazemi in the court well,where judge Mortazavi is against him. Judge Mortazvi is the same man that closed more than 18 papers 4 years ago in a day. He closed 2 newspapers last Thursday.
Some people think that she is brave enough to be a leader for human rights reform in the early future or even more…
Mohsen Armin MP, a few days after killing this journalist shouted in the parliaments against judge Moratazavi and charged him about interference in her killing.


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