Omid Memarian

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Two reformist papers closed

This moment two reformist newspapers “yasseno” and “shargh” closed. One of my friends sent me a message and told me the bad news. It seems the last day is very important for conservatives that could not bear the papers to tell the people about the ordered election….It is because of publishing the letter of lawmakers to leader that in it they mentioned who is “thick-neck”? This word was used by him before. They attacked to supreme leader quietly. Guardian Council or reformists? People who don’t respect the votes of people or whom who are against people in any cases? What will they do next? ...Closing websites? Arresting the political men?
After retreat of president khatami and Mr, Karrobi, this action probably shocks the reformists. Khatami left his friends alone. Now khatami by his behavior shows that no one could count on his reaction. A few days ago he said:”I will insist om defending everyone that his rights has been stampeded. After that his managers and ministers resigned. But president khatami never follow them…it seems president khatami has finished for continuing there form for the next step…. But reforms will be continued. Who can give an answer to the end of these kind of carelessness? .......


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