Omid Memarian

Friday, February 20, 2004

Islamic regime attempts to say the number of people in the election was incredible. This number is vital for the populist regime which people only for giving their votes only to the selected candidates shows them. I saw more than 12 ballot-boxes. In north of Tehran many of them were not crowded. In south in some cases it was more crowded. But we can not really compare this election with the previous one. Never. But I am sure that they will celebrate their show with any analyze and result….
I think it is good to see the institutional configuration of power in iran in picture below:

Rooydad website that is belong to the participation front part(Reformists part) informed that presence of people for voting in Kurd provinces and Mashhad was not good and the number in Tehran was less than 30 percent.

“Nasim e Saba” closed. “NAsim e Saba” was categorized in reformists papers camps.


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