Omid Memarian

Friday, February 20, 2004

Why did Sheikh Hassan Roohani do it?
Looking on the conservatives political behaviors? (Part one)

Tonight conservatives closed the office of the participation front party. Last morning I went to see yasseno newspaper with some foreign journalist to see the building of paper. The justice administration locked the door and they made film and took some picture of this event. It was unbelievable for the journalist that why Sheikh Hasan e Roohani who is trying to make a good figure of him self and show a picture of next president interfere in the process of closing the papers? Why did he issue a demand for papers not to publish MPs letter to leader as secretariat of supreme Security Council? If he is the next president or they are trying to show this so why the conservatives burn their card? Aren’t they smart enough? Journalists that follow the Iranian changes ask these questions frequently. But what is really happening? But as the other subject let me tell you this is a complicated issue to analyze. As the other issues about them is like this. But at this time perhaps it is not bad to be a little closer in these questions and consider some answers. Why? Really, why you can not predict the cleric’s political action?
Let’s talk about it from the last to the beginning:
1-The clerics are not predictable because of many reasons. First of all they have learned the lessons of politics in streets and behind the pulpit, not in university. They have learnt it by experience but not a systematic process. They have learnt it by correct and error but not systematically thinking and acting. So if you want predict them as an academic politician, be sure that you will make a big mistake. Therefore they pay for some actions more than they have to. They get to their purposes with prices that are not really beneficial. For example they try to make some opportunities for bargaining in international atmosphere by access to nuclear power, but as they don’t know the players in this playground they surprise by some reaction and not only become powerless to bargain, but also forced to ignore all their expenses in this way. Suddenly this case that they think is an important issue to seat behind the desks changes its face as a big treat for nation and even themselves. You can find many similar like this in their political life. They are predictable because they don’t know the rules of politic. So they can do everything and astonish people and the others. Are they complicated? Yes, they are.
2-Why did Mr. Roohani Issue the oral demand to deputy of Culture Ministry (Ershad) to ask the papers not to publish lawmakers letter? Isn’t he enough smart to pass this critical point silently? Perhaps he is. But at that time only he could do this. Consider that in conservative’s camps they act according to order of hierarchy. So when “A” say do this, “B” or “C” do it immediately. Sometimes it is not beneficial for the persons. But they do it. On the other hands when they are in danger the hierarchy support them completely. Remember the story of Zahra Kazemi who killed cruelly by […] and even when the MPs shouted in majles against the judge Mortazavi to answer about it, nothing happened. Or remember the destiny of serial killing 6 years ago. Or remember the destiny of many economical file in the courts. What happened for them? Nothing. Because they support their balls in this play. So Mr. Roohani had to announce the paper not to publish lawmaker’s letter. Clerics showed to the world that they seldom think about the public opinion when they are in danger. So exactly a day before election they close two popular reformists paper. Yaseno and shargh. Is it wisely? Yes (in their mind)! Because when the reformists start to send letters to leader they will never stop it. What does it mean? It means that they can pull down the sacred position of him, that is made by millions and millions dollars. So they have to stop this and Mr. Rohani is coolie for this action. Nothing more. .(End of part one)
3-Be sure that closing the newspaper is a part of their project to make one-handed the parliament and the regime. After didn’t confirm the reformist’s candidate, after the challenges and letters that sent, beside by hearing the gossips about cheating and issuing many ID card …it shows they are doing their project part by part. Who knows?


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